Formulation Development Services

Doppel has its own dedicated R&D division staffed by highly qualified scientific experts and equipped with a range of advanced technologies to perform independent R&D activities. The applied research services include analytical development studies, formulation development, stability studies (ICH), process development, scale-up, process validation, regulatory affairs, technology transfer, CTD documentation and product manufacturing for clinical trials.

The combination of strong scientific knowledge, skills and experience with the application of innovative technologies enables Doppel to work in close partnership with customers to provide highly valuable advice to construct the best manufacturing and development solutions; and deliver high quality, effective, on-time full range customer services that meet all production requirements.

The R&D Division also develops a range of highly innovative formulation technologies such as:

  • sustained and controlled release oral solid dosage forms with various possible release profiles, including site specific delayed release delivery
  • multi-layered tablets possessing combinations of release profiles of the same or different drugs in a single tablet;
  • multi-particulate systems such as granules or micro-tablets that contain different dosages and release profiles
  • bioavailability enhancement drug delivery systems for increasing permeability or solubility of active drugs
  • innovative delivery systems containing solids and liquids in one dosage form

In addition, the R&D division has full access to the suite of manufacturing technologies in operation at each of Doppel’s manufacturing plants.