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Doppel's story

Since its foundation in 1994, Doppel’s strong growth has established the company as one of Europe’s leading experts in formulation, development and manufacturing with a ten-fold increase in headcount. Doppel’s corporate strategy is to continue expansion through a combination of both organic growth and acquisition.


Market Sectors

Pharmaceutical manufacturing forms is the Doppel’s core business and value proposition including prescription and OTC, specialties and generic products.

One stop shop services. Doppel has its own dedicated R&D organization staffed by highly quailed and specialized scientists and equipped with a broad range of advanced technologies to run R&D activities

Doppel has the capability to develop and manufacture food supplement products at its Cortemaggiore plant.


Doppel has its own dedicated R&D division staffed by highly qualified scientific experts and equipped with a range of advanced technologies to perform independent R&D activities


Doppel Pharma CDMO operates as a successful contract development and manufacturing organization that not only works according to strict quality regulations but often exceeds standards, benefiting patients, customers and the environment


At Doppel, we are constantly seeking to attract and nurture key talent as part of our on going strategy for continued growth and expansion. We have a keen interest in developing the careers of
high calibre students and graduates with backgrounds in the life sciences, chemistry, analytical chemistry,


  • Reliability and quality are the two characteristics that we found in Doppel in our joint working relationship.
    In a pharmaceutical environment that is strictly regulated to ensure the safety of medicines, we find that Doppel shares the same vision of Quality & Compliance in guaranteeing the supply of safe and regulatory compliant medicines to our patients

  • A reliable partner for over 5 years for various projects. A strong team of result-oriented professionals who manage to timely deliver high quality solutions aligned with the business expectations.